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Bye to pests. Hi to health!

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Bye to pests. Hi to health!

Spider Control Gold Coast

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Spider Control Gold Coast Spider Removal Gold Coast

A spider stealthily crawling around the house can agitate us and send us in a tizzy. Many of the spiders found in Gold Coast are harmless except the poisonous and deadly spiders, such as the Funnel Web Spider, Redback Spider, Mouse Spider, Wolf Spider, Black House Spider and the White-tailed Spider to name a few.

If you’re regularly finding spiders inside or outside your Gold Coast home in your best interests you must call us immediately to treat the problem. We have solution to eliminating spiders and their nests permanently. We recommend that you should get spider control treatment to keep these annoying spiders away.

If you have recently moved into a new property, we can do a thorough inspection, in and around your Gold Coast property, for any signs of spider problems and spray all over the place to help your get rid of the spider infestation in Gold Coast.

Spider Removal Gold Coast

Our spider treatments include:

  • Treatment of external surfaces in the house including all weep holes, cracks and crevices
  • Treatment of entry points like windows and doors
  • Treatment of eaves, carports, garden sheds, pool areas and play equipment
  • Treating roof voids
  • Full warranty on spider and all pest control
  • Use of non-toxic and environmental friendly methods for indoor and outdoor applications

Spiders do not have strong fangs and usually have weak legs which is why they won’t bite or puncture the human skin. They won’t harm until they aren’t trapped and retort to self-defense.

Among the hundreds of the spider species, the Brown Recluse and Black Widow are dangerous species which have distinctive markings from other innocent and non-threatening species. This is perhaps why spider control Gold Coast is necessary.

Our Spider removal treatment includes:

  • Inspection, removal and prevention of spiders and their eggs
  • Same Day bookings available
  • Booking available on weekends
  • 100% Guaranteed results
  • Comprehensive treatment for all Australian species including false widow spider.

We guarantee 100% safe and long lasting results. Call us without wasting a single minute or drop an email to book an appointment for spider control treatment.

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Our technicians are experienced and qualified with several years of experience under their belt. All of our professionals are certified as per TAFE and APCA standards.


We quickly respond to the pest problems faced by you offering reliable and environment friendly solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority.

Safe treatment experience

All the pest control products used by us are approved as per the Australian standards. Our friendly technicians will ensure the safety of your family.


At Pest Pest Control services, we make sure that we offer you highly competitive pricing that is value for your money and gives a seamless experience.


Spider Control Gold Coast

We are a pest control company offering environment friendly pest control services in Brisbane and Gold Coast at highly competitive prices with guaranteed results.









Gold Coast Spider Control

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