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Flea Control Burleigh Heads

Bye to pests. Hi to health!

Flea Treatment Burleigh Heads

Bye to pests. Hi to health!

Flea Control Burleigh Heads

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Flea Inspection Burleigh Heads Flea Control Burleigh Heads

Are you on the lookout for fleas treatment in Burleigh Heads? Where can you find a reliable service for flea control in Burleigh Heads?

All you pet owners out there. Are your dog & cat suffering from flea infestation and in dire need of flea control treatment in Burleigh Heads? Before the problems becomes unmanageable, we advise you to hire the best professionals who will help you to get rid of this problem and suggest the best flea treatment and control procedures. Your upholstery and carpets can become infested with fleas, other than being found in pets which is why employing efficient and professional flea control is a must.

Those who have moved to a new house must especially employ flea removal treatment and control in Burleigh Heads to remove all kinds of infestation from upholstery and carpets. Out initial round of treatment is targeted at the fleas. After six months of flea control treatment, one can get rid of flea problem completely. We are the best flea control treatment services in Burleigh Heads.

Dog & Cats fleas Control Burleigh Heads

Avoid any unpleasant surprises and make sure that you employ the best flea control treatment.

Flea Inspection Burleigh Heads
  • Vacuum the carpets, upholstery and low lying areas after which the house is cleaned thoroughly
  • Then, we try and find potential areas which could be infested with fleas and larvae
  • Our professionals been trained to follow the best pest management techniques. We use insecticides that are non-toxic and environment friendly which will be safe for your family and pets.
  • This is followed by treating your dog & cat with simple DIY procedures or taking them to a vet to seek professional help.
  • Lastly, we vacuum the house and mop it thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Call us immediately or drop an email to obtain you obligation free quote or call us for flea removal treatment and control at your home or office in Burleigh Heads.

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Our technicians are experienced and qualified with several years of experience under their belt. All of our professionals are certified as per TAFE and APCA standards.


We quickly respond to the pest problems faced by you offering reliable and environment friendly solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority.

Safe treatment experience

All the pest control products used by us are approved as per the Australian standards. Our friendly technicians will ensure the safety of your family.


At Pest Pest Control services, we make sure that we offer you highly competitive pricing that is value for your money and gives a seamless experience.


Flea Treatment Burleigh Heads

We are a pest control company offering environment friendly pest control services in Brisbane and Burleigh Heads at highly competitive prices with guaranteed results.

Flea Inspection Burleigh Heads

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